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Introducing #1 Best-Selling Author Jason Oman!…

Welcome To My Website!

My Name Is Jason Oman.

I’m the Creator and #1 Best-Selling Author of…


Conversations with Millionaires –
‘What Millionaires Do To Get Rich,
That You Never Learned About In School!’





And also…Conversations with Female Millionaires

And my latest Success Resource is “Unlimited Home Business Success”! (Which I’m VERY excited about because of the amazing difference it can make for people! This reveals the steps YOU can use to create truly UNLIMITED Streams of Income for yourself from home (or anywhere else) whenever you want!

Here I Am With Some Friends You May Recognize…

JO-OnStage-w-RAAbove is me (in blue) on stage with fellow
#1 Best-Selling Author and multi-millionaire,
Robert Allen.

Jason Oman with Robert Allen & Mark Victor HansenHere I am (far right) next to the brilliant coAuthor
of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Mark Victor Hansen.
(In the coat) is millionaire Robert Allen again…)JasonAndMattBacak

This is me with my awesome friend, fellow author,
& Internet Millionaire Matt Bacak! (I’ve been a
Featured Speaker at a few of Matt’s seminars.)

Now, before I created my #1 Best-Seller Conversations with Millionaires

I was a Featured Success Story on a Highly-Successful TV Infomercial called “Creating Wealth” with some other millionaires! (Hosted by NFL Hall-of-Fame superstar Fran Tarkenton.)

Here’s me (in green) being interviewed by a millionaire on TV…


So, as a result of meeting, studying, and spending time with a bunch of highly-successful self-made millionaires, I discovered some life-changing steps to success which many millionaires use to generate incredible money, wealth, and success whenever they want called…

“The Millionaire Money Formula”

I Now Specialize In 2 Main Areas:
#1: I Enjoy Sharing and Teaching the Incredibly Powerful & Proven Step-By-Step Formula
MANY Self-Made Millionaires Use To Create Amazing Money Whenever They Want Called The
Millionaire Money Formula!


#2: I Help People Step Up To The Big Leagues By Becoming Instant #1 Best-Selling Authors!

Here’s Some Proof I Know How To Do These Things…

* Just ONE of the projects I’ve done generated over $100,000 from only about 25 days of PART-TIME work.

Now, to be totally transparent, there was almost $40,000 of expenses involved in that project. So, it wasn’t all “PURE” profit. But, those expenses were paid AFTER getting the $100,000 check. Which means, that project made over $65,379 in NET profit!

Plus, we only had to spend $60 to get it started!

Turning $60 Into $65,000 In Less Than A Month Isn’t Too Bad Right?
(I used the Millionaire Money Formula to come up with that idea too!)

Here’s What Other People Have Said About Me & My Information…

“I just made $1,600 in 55 minutes!”
“I’m a mother of nine, who was having major financial challenges, was feeling a bit down lately, and desperately needed a way to make money for myself and my family. After going through Jason Oman’s system I just made $1,600 in 55 minutes! I’m jumping for joy because for the first time I know how to really make money for myself. My belief in myself suddenly skyrocketed! Yes, I can do this! I am the type of person who can make money! This money jolt has given me the free time to really build a money system and I’m on my way to financial freedom. If a mother of nine children can do this, why can’t you?”Jane Marie Sandberg – Calgary, Canada

“Incredible! I can’t believe that I spent 12 years and about $150,000 on motivational seminars, business and marketing how-to seminars, and close to that much on books, tapes, and personal coaching, and not once were the steps mapped out so clearly! This program does for me in one day what ALL of that other information couldn’t help me achieve in over a decade. Now, within 12 months, I’ll reach goals that I previously thought impossible (ever) for me. My Family and I are Eternally Grateful.”Jim Chianese – Las Vegas, NV

“I Made $900 in Just 3 Hours!”
“How I made $900 in just 3 hours is absolutely amazing! I have seen quite a bit, but never anything like this. In Jason Oman’s course you’ll know how you can make the money you’ve always dreamed of…the money you deserve! Although this is information I desperately needed years ago when I first began my journey, I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I have it in my hands making money now! LISTEN. Get it today. No. get it now!!! My friend, I am very selective about what I endorse. Trust me. It works. Truly, if you want to make real money, this for YOU!”Asha Tyson
National Best-Selling Author of “How I Retired at 26!”


Now, One of the Secrets To Making More Money Is To

Get Some Extra *Leverage* Working for You!

Well, one of the ways to get more leverage for yourself is to

Become A #1 Best-Selling Author!…

What’s the Real-World Value of Becoming a #1 Best-Selling Author?…

Well, let’s face it…

Not only can you make money from the sales of your book. But, you also get WAY more crediblity which helps open doors to make even MORE money! Plus, it enhances your credibilty in the eyes of people you want to help.

Here’s a short video from one of my students who used my
system from InstantBestSellerSecrets.com to turn her book
Subprime Real Estate Profits into an Instant #1 Best-Seller!…

(Click the PLAY button below now!)



Here’s A Quick Testimonial From a Fellow #1 BestSelling Author…

“Jason is the king of helping people go from nothing to #1 best seller. With his help I was able to write my book and take it all the way to #1 all in just 45 days starting from scratch!”

Matt Bacak, Internet
Millionaire, #1 Author of

The Ultimate Lead Generation Plan

book writing



“I couldn’t be happier especially knowing that I accomplished my goal of writing the book from scratch and taking it to a #1 best seller in just 60 days.

My challenge began on Day One with the first words and was a completed, best selling book for my fathers 64th birthday just 60 days later.

Of all my friends and colleagues who helped me none was more encouraging and knowledgeable in the arena of book launches than my good friend and fellow #1 Best Selling Author, Jason Oman.

Jason is without a doubt the real deal. He really knows his stuff and has a standard of excellence that only few others can boast. Thank you for all your help in making my dream a reality Jason.”

Glen Hopkins, #1 Author of
Lucrative List Building

“We keep receiving requests for me to do one hour teleseminars for other companies, based on my first book. The standard fee is $500.

Even though I don’t have to do any prep for these programs and they’re only 60 minutes, this year we decided I would not do any more teleseminars for other companies because my time is too limited.

Last week another company contacted Cindy and asked me to do the one hour teleseminar for $500. She told them it would cost $2500 as a polite way of declining the invitation. They told her that $1000 was the most they had ever paid a teleseminar speaker, most of whom are lawyers. Cindy politley said “so long”.

They then contacted her again and said their editors had voted to pay the $2500, BECAUSE I HAD A #1 BEST SELLER. (And that book was on a different subject!) I’m not exaggerating a word of this… $2500 for talking on the phone for 60 minutes, as a direct result of having a #1 best seller.

Then this morning, I agreed to do two more for 60 minutes each for $2500, with the condition that they will change the date of the teleseminar if I have an outside speaking engagement that comes up in the meantime. Thought you might want to know. (Especially since it was YOU who taught me how to become a #1 Best-Selling Author!)”

Glenn Shepard
#1 Author of ‘How to Manage Problem Employees’

Here’s An Interview With Me
On An Internet TV Show…
(Click the PLAY button below now!)

Here’s Part Two of the Interview…

Here’s Part Three of the Interview…

As you can see, doors (and opportunities) open up for you

when you Become a #1 Best-Selling Author!…

 And This Is What Others Have To Say About Me…


Some of my other websites include…

(My popular #1 Best-Selling book!)

(My life-changing ebook revealing the powerful
formula millionaires use to make money!)
I used the techniques from IBSS (above) to make
“Conversations with Millionaires” an Instant #1 Best-Seller!…
(Get IBSS NOW if you already have a book you want to turn into an instant Best-Seller!)

And my MOST recent projects are ‘Conversations With Female Millionaires’ at:http://ConversationsWithMillionaires.com/cwfm

6-Figure Code’ at http://JasonOman.com/6FC

And, “Unlimited Home Business Success” at: http://JasonOman.com/Home-Business-Success

Here Are My Profile Pages On Various Social Networks…
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Self Growth

Thanks for Stopping By!…

Jason Oman

TV Success Story, #1 Best-Selling Author, Trainer/Speaker

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“Jason knows how to help you achieve the success you desire – that’s impressive.
Everyone I know who has worked with him sings his praises – that’s even MORE impressive. If you get the chance to benefit from his knowledge and wisdom – do it.”
– Ray Edwards

“I’m extremely honored to say I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing Jason Oman since April ’07 when we first connected to talk about work possibilities. Our association and friendship has continued ever since… Jason is the most amazing entrepreneurial, innovative, positive, ideas and action person, who knows how to “make things happen”.
He is an absolute delight to know and interact with; he is a person of true integrity, and his optimism and buoyant personality are infectious. He is so caring and gives freely of his time, and is a major motivator to other people. I have the deepest admiration and respect for Jason’s vision, talents, focus and tenacity. I’m proud to say that not only are we Success Mindset/Internet Marketing colleagues, but also
great Friends. You rock Jason!” – Kathy Baker

“Jason Oman is an outstanding and high-energy marketing genius. I approached Jason for consulting on a new internet business and he helped me distill my main issues and thoroughly understand my market. He also helped me craft novel marketing approaches and he gave me the confidence to plunge in and get it done. If you’re
looking for a high-energy and highly personable marketing mentor to give you fantastic ideas and keep you motivated while providing accountability, Jason Oman is your man.” – Trevor Laak

“Jason Oman is an incredible author and book marketing expert who really knows how to think creatively. Always thinking “Out-Of-The-Box” Jason delivers bottom-line results with high integrity. If you have a chance to work with him. Do it.”
– Ken McArthur, Best-Selling Author of Impact: How to Get Noticed, Motivate Millions and Make a Difference in a Noisy World.”

“Jason is not only a dynamic speaker, he gets sales RESULTS! The man is a powerhouse when it comes to making people money! From speaking on stages across the nation to being a best-selling author (Conversations with Millionaires), he never ceases to amaze me. I’m proud to call him colleague, client, and friend!”
– Rachel Young, Owner of Big Cheese Marketing

“Jason has been a mentor of mine since he co-authored the #1 best seller, “Conversations With Millionaires.” Jason tirelessly spent hours of his time guiding me to see things in new ways with the entrepreneurial mindset. I value Jason’s friendship, guidance and enthusiasm to helping my develop my destiny goals that I have today.” – Frank Gasiorowski, Executive Producer, TodaysGuest TV, Radio and Media

“I’m fortunate enough to have known Jason for over 10 years, since meeting him on the shoot for the TV infomercial, “Secrets to Making Money Now” in which we were both Featured Success Stories for nearly two seasons.

While on the seminar circuit together, we had many opportunities to brain storm, in which Jason was always able to conjure up one idea after another… and most importantly, take action on those really good ideas he is so good at. Today in business, when I find my back is up against a wall, I often times reach out for my phone and hit the speed dial to call Jason. I can only sum him up as… He rocks!” – Jeff Crolene, Business Owner

“Jason is an outstanding writer as well as marketer. If you are thinking about marketing and writing your own book; he is the man to talk to. I really appreciated the time he spent mentoring me over the phone, which is unheard of these days!” – Charlton Warnke


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